New Age Concrete

The new-age self-compacting, selflevelling concrete, Agilia is considered as the ideal solution for structures with complex configurations and requirements.

Agilia is a complete range of selfconsolidating concretes and screeds that can be placed easily and significantly reduces construction time and cost, eliminating the need for vibration due to its fluid and stable properties. At the same time it also ensures a safer work environment. Agilia solutions allow for placing without difficulty, providing excellent quality concretes and screeds with superior surface finishes. It gives flexibility on worksites at all levels, for all types of applications (foundations, topping, horizontal and vertical structures).

What are the main advantages of using Agilia? Is it possible to use this to move beyond the rigid limits of traditional concrete to creatively enhance spaces?

Agilia has many benefits. It can improve working conditions by eliminating the need for vibration, improving safety and reducing excess noise on worksites. It also leads to cost reduction as it places quickly and flows easily through congested and heavily-reinforced areas. It also helps to increase worksite flexibility and reducing labor time.

The concrete also provides structural integrity as it places without segregation to ensure a consistent disbursement of aggregate within the concrete. Lastly, the solution indeed leads to improved aesthetic: by creating a smooth crisp aesthetic for architectural appeal. It delivers flawless formed finishes and eliminates the need for expensive patching and rubbing. So the benefits include Structural integrity, Total flexibility, No vibration,.Easy placement, Weight savings, Smoother surfaces, Protection from moisture, Improved aesthetics: and cost savings.

How does self-compacting cement work?

Agilia uses innovative mix technology to combine the benefits of two seemingly opposite physical properties; fluidity and stability. Fluidity is essential to provide easy concrete placement and a high-quality finish with minimum effort. Stability is necessary to prevent segregation. The product formulae are a culmination of the latest discoveries in organic chemistry, mineral chemistry and fluid mechanics. These innovations allow Agilia to retain fluidity for more than two hours, with no need to add water on site, while achieving early compressive strength that is comparable to conventional concrete.

Agilia ’s strength lies not just in its fluidity, but in its flexibility. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including horizontal, vertical and complexly shaped structures:

Which of your current projects use this new technology?

We deliver around 3,000 m3 of Agilia every day in 20 different countries for many different types of projects. From individual housing to multi-residential complexes, concert halls, office towers, mining, museums, airports, etc.

What kind of innovations are you hoping to explore in the coming years?

The construction business has an environmental challenge. We are exploring ways to minimize the environmental impact of our concrete construction and improving durability and structural performance.

Additionally , we are developing digital applications to improve the customer experience and enhance relationships with LafargeHolcim.

As a result of its ambition to collaborate with the world of architecture and align itself with reflection on urbanization on the fringes of the commercial sector, LafargeHolcim wants to offer new solutions for construction with a reduced ecological footprint and an enlarged social role. This is the key challenge in its partnership approach with the world of architecture.


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